Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit the destinations in my trip?

Click on the Route tab on the top navigation bar. Here, you can mouse over each destination to access options for changing your route order, adjusting the time spent in each destination, and deleting destinations.

To add destinations, use the + Add destination button to search for specific towns and cities or browse ones in the countries you're planning to visit.

You can also explore recommended destinations at the bottom of the page.

How do I match my actual intercity travel schedule with the one suggested by the site?

The intercity travel scheduling you see on the Route tab displays an average duration based on the available transportation options. If you expect your flight, drive, or train/bus trip to be longer or shorter than what the site suggests, you can change it on your calendar.

Navigate to the Calendar view on the Day by Day tab, click on the travel block, and specify your scheduled departure and arrival times. Your trip's intercity travel schedule will now match the bookings you've made or plan to make.

How do I change the attractions in my trip?

Click on the Day by Day tab on the top navigation bar to see your trip and then the Calendar option to view your schedule. You can delete attraction time blocks and either click on an empty time slot or the Add Activity button to add an attraction or custom activity.

For ideas on what else to see and do, go to the Explore page. You can either browse recommended attractions and activities in and around the destinations in your trip or look up specific ones using the search bar on the page.

I can't find an activity in the system -- how do I add it to my trip anyway?

Click the “Add” button on the right side of the top navigation bar, then select “Create custom event”. You’ll be able to enter the name, location, and time for your custom activity. Additionally, you can add a photo, write notes, or attach documents and links to your event.

How do I add a reservation to my trip?

To add a reservation to your trip, click the "Add" button on the right side of the top navigation bar, then select "Add reservation". You can choose between forwarding the reservation confirmation via email, or entering the details yourself. If you opt for the latter, select which type of reservation you want to add, then fill out the details of your reservation. You'll be able to enter the location, date, booking number, and other relevant information.

How do I adjust the duration I spend at an attraction?

In Calendar view on the Day by Day tab, hover your mouse over the bottom border of the attraction's time block and then click and drag the border up or down to adjust the duration of your visit.

Alternatively, you can click on the attraction block and then the Edit prompt to set the arrival and departure time.

If you need help resolving scheduling conflicts, click on the notification icon on the top navigation bar (it turns red when a conflict arises). Then, click the prompt for help fixing the issue and select the option for the software to recalculate the trip for the destination where the conflict occurs.

How do I change my preferences after I've created a trip?

You can change preferences by clicking on the Settings gear icon on the far right of the top navigation bar and then choosing ‘Plan settings’ from the dropdown menu.

Change dates, the number and types of travelers (adults/teens/kids), your preferred start/finish times for daily sightseeing, travel pace,, the types of activities you prefer, and whether distances appear in miles or kilometers. If you change your start/finish times, travel pace, and activity types, Inspirock will prompt you to confirm recalculation of your trip to match your new preferences.

You don't have to start and finish your sightseeing at the same time every day—in the Calendar view, you can change your schedule for specific days.

To change other preferences, such as your travel style, click + New trip and build a new trip with your desired preferences.

Why should I create an account?

If you have an account, Inspirock automatically saves any trip you create while logged in. You can then access your trips from other computers and mobile devices. When you're signed in, you can also collaborate on your trips with others.

I'm traveling with others—can we share and edit the same trip?

After creating a trip, add co-travelers to it via the Settings icon on the top navigation bar. Click on “add co-traveler” and specify the email of the co-traveler. The person will receive a notification of your invitation to see and edit the trip.

Whenever a co-traveler adjusts the trip, you can see the changes by clicking on the Notifications icon on the top navigation bar.

To remove a co-traveler, click on the Share icon on the top navigation bar, select Manage Co-Travelers, and click the X button.

Can I show my trip to friends and family?

You can share trips via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email. Click the Settings icon on the right side of the navigation bar and then click on “share trip”. You’ll be able to choose the platform—social media or email—that you want to share your trip on. You can also copy your trip link and paste it where you wish to share your trip.

Please note that when sharing a trip this way, others will not be able to view custom activities and notes. This is to protect any personal information you have added to your trip.

If you would like others to see custom activities and notes in your trip, add them as co-travelers.

I want to start my sightseeing earlier/later than the default time. How do I change this?

Click on the Settings icon on the navigation bar and select the time you prefer to start your day at. (Note that your sightseeing will start at least a half-hour after the time you select in order to give you time to reach the day's first activity.) Save your selection and the software will automatically update your trip.

How do I start some days at a different time?

Go to the Calendar view. If your days usually start at 10 a.m. and you want to begin a day at 9:30 a.m., click on the 9-9:30 a.m. time block, select Just block time on calendar, click the Add Activity button, choose Create custom event, and give the activity block a name. Your sightseeing for that day will now start at 9:30 a.m., immediately following the time you blocked on the calendar.

If you want to see a specific attraction earlier than your sightseeing schedule typically begins, click the time block on the calendar, select Explore activities to add, and search for the attraction by name. Add it to the calendar and then adjust the duration of your visit if you’d like.

What if I want to do something, such as visit an attraction or meet a friend, at a particular time?

Add it to your trip in Calendar view. Click an empty time block on the schedule. In the window that appears, choose Explore activities to add to add an attraction, like a museum visit, or Just block time on the calendar to add a custom activity, like meeting a friend. You'll also see options to adjust how long you plan to stay at an attraction or the duration of a custom activity.

Can I add notes to my trip?

Yes. When you create a custom activity on your calendar, you can attach notes to it. You can name the restaurant you want to eat at for lunch, add a link with information about the custom activity, write out an address, and much more. You'll also be able to see your custom activity notes in the List view of the Day by Day tab.

What if my flight lands in the middle of the day or I have only a partial day available for sightseeing?

If you cannot visit attractions during a specific time, you can block that time off on your calendar by adding a custom activity. Click on an empty time slot or the Add Activity button to add a custom activity, like a flight or meeting.

How do I get information about public transportation?

We create your initial trip assuming you're using a car for sightseeing, but you can use any type of transportation. For other options between attractions, click on the Maps view on the Day by Day tab. Click on the estimated driving time between two attractions to bring up Google Maps, where you can see available transportation options.

For traveling between destinations, click the Route tab and then the travel duration/transportation mode prompt between two destinations. This will show you the different modes of transportation available, including different routes and price ranges.

How do I fill free time in my trip?

There are a few ways.

On your calendar, click on an empty time slot, select Explore activities to add, and choose an activity. The software will add that activity to that slot.

If you have a large block of free time, you'll receive a notification about it. Click the notification icon and then the prompt for help. You can either navigate to your calendar to manually fill your free time or let the software recalculate your trip for that destination. If you want the software to recalculate, it will ask you to approve changes it plans to make.

The List view on the Day by Day tab will also show free time in your trip and prompt you to fill it. Clicking the prompt lets you explore activities to add to your trip.

My trip has a lot of conflicts—is there an easy way to fix it?

There is! The notification icon on the top navigation bar turns red whenever a new conflict appears in your trip. To let the software resolve conflicts, click the notification icon and then the Help me fix this prompt next to a conflict. Then, choose the option to let the software recalculate the trip in that particular city.

How do I delete a trip?

To delete a trip you’ve created, navigate to the My Trips button on the top right corner, and click on “See all”. Then, hover your mouse over the trip you want to delete and a trashcan icon will appear.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, navigate to your account name in the top right corner, select “My Account” and click on “Delete my account”.